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Clay Hands

Our Story

The vision for Jessica's Tileworks Studio Ltd. (JTSL) began in the Spring of 1997 before Jessica left the creative halls of The Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island (USA).  Jessica Colebrooke ( nee. Maycock) had a desire to make a significant creative contribution to her country and its evolving Art community.  She felt this was best suited by establishing a ceramic manufacturing studio that produced Fine Art ceramics, tile murals (art tiles), and souvenirs.  Today, JTSL is the leading ceramic manufacturing company in the Bahamas.  Jessica is the Bahamas' first female tile manufacturer and the Bahamas' 2015 Cacique Award Winner for Fine Arts.  Notably, Colebrooke has created and developed an extensive line of whimsical teapots (visit, numbering over 300 plus, being the most extensive in The Bahamas and perhaps the Caribbean region.   Jessica's work has been selected as gifts for persons of all walks of life and ethnicity, including Royalty.

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